Sewing a throw pillowcase with Paroxa Designs

I moved into my apartment mid-May after graduating from college with zero furniture.

My apartment was a beige wasteland.

Thanks to a paint job and some Ikea furniture, it’s not quite as bad as it was, but it’s still a little boring. So I decided to look into some easy decorative pieces that I could sew to jazz it up.

A clear frontrunner emerged: the throw pillow.

Now, to be honest I still don’t have a couch to keep a throw pillow on. But I wanted to try it anyway.

If you can sew in a straight line and press a hem you have want it takes to make a throw pillowcase!

Here’s a quick rundown of how I make a 16×16 open back pillowcase:

Sewing a throw pillowcase with Paroxa DesignsSewing a throw pillowcase with Paroxa Designs

Assuming a 1/2″ seam allowance, draw a 17″x17″ square on your fabric of choice. This will be the front of the pillowcase.

The back is a little trickier.

Sewing a throw pillowcase with Paroxa Designs

The back will be two pieces that overlap. Divide 17 by two and you’ll get 8.5″. But you’ll also want some extra length to press under, and a little extra so that the two pieces will touch.

I decided to press under 1/2″ twice, so I added an inch, then an extra 1/4″ for overlap. So the width of my two back pieces were 9 3/4″ (Full disclosure: Harry Potter was on) and the length was 17″.

Make sure as you draw these pieces that the pattern will line up when you make your stitches.

Sewing a throw pillowcase with Paroxa DesignsHere are all my pieces laid out. Note that the design on the fabric is the same on every one.

Sewing a throw pillowcase with Paroxa DesignsNext I laid the pieces right sides together as they’re going to be stitched. The two overlapping edges should be pressed and stitched before you sew the side seams though.

Sewing a throw pillowcase with Paroxa DesignsIt’s a good idea to lightly mark the edges you’re going to press so that you don’t get them mixed up as you move them to your ironing board.

Sewing a throw pillowcase with Paroxa DesignsYou can choose how wide or narrow to press the edges, but I chose to press them 1/2″ twice, so that the raw edge is enclosed.

Sewing a throw pillowcase with Paroxa DesignsTopstitch the pressed edges in place.

Sewing a throw pillowcase with Paroxa DesignsNow just pin right sides together and sew around the edges on each of the 4 sides, leaving the center of the back open.

When trimming your seams, I’ve been told that trimming the corners in a curve and trimming closer to the seam on one piece of fabric than the other will help your corners be less bulky. Personally since this is a removable pillowcase I chose to trim the seam allowances to about 1/4″ and finish with an overlock stitch.

Whatever you choose to do, next you just have to flip it right side out and press the seams – I recommend using a pressing ham to press them open and then flat.

Sewing a throw pillowcase with Paroxa DesignsAnd voila! You have a throw pillowcase! Buy a 16×16 pillowform from a craft store like JoAnn’s and you’re all set!

This is an extremely easy project for a beginner. But if you like the pillow I just made and want one exactly like it, you can purchase it from my Etsy shop here (I don’t have a couch to put it on so I don’t mind parting with it!)

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Happy sewing!

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