Home decor in the kitchen

When I moved into my apartment, my kitchen was brown.

Brown is the worst color imaginable, especially for walls.

So my first plan of action in the quest for kitchen cuteness was to hit it with a fresh coat of paint. Since they’re all connected, I painted my living room, dining area, and kitchen different shades from the same swatch of sea foam. The kitchen got the darkest because it’s the smallest area and I didn’t want to overdo the bold color.

But even before I got to painting, when all I had was some graduation money and a brown kitchen, I started with just a kitchen rug and hand towel.

I got lucky to find some that matched the color scheme I wanted, both at Target. Just those two items alone made a big difference in brightening it up a bit.

Next I had to get rid of the hideous trash can that came with the place. I replaced the ugly black with a softer, sandy beige.

Making my kitchen home decor cuter with a new trashcanThe black one now sits alone in the closet. The friendlier beige one (and normally beige is a close second to brown for worst color ever for me) now sits in front of my dishwasher.

My kitchen is really small, so I had trouble with the trashcan being in the way of the refrigerator door and the pantry door all the time. Then I realized that I never open the dishwasher door, so I could just put it there! Worked wonders.

I recently had a huge debacle with trash stinking up my apartment. Even though it has a lid, somehow the smell was infecting the place. I looked up some solutions online and first tried a dryer sheet, which did nothing. Then I tried bleach – still did nothing except add the smell of bleach. Finally I made it to the store and bought some baking soda that was able to combat it. I had to add some periodically to gradually reduce the smell. I took out the trash on Sunday and made sure to add some baking soda to the bottom of the bag – because stinky kitchens aren’t cute no matter what color the walls are.

Finally, I couldn’t get by without a few memories of school here and there, so I decided to put some mementos on decorating duty.

Making my kitchen home decor cuter with some school souvenirs.The top picture is my Disney corner. First, I still love the paper towel holder I found that goes pretty well with the beachy color scheme.

In the corner is a Mickey Mouse wearing a jersey from my alma mater, and I’ll let you use your imagination to figure out what bottle he’s snuggling with. The cookie tin was a souvenir from Hong Kong. I studied in Shanghai for a few weeks, and had a layover in the Hong Kong airport. I didn’t get to go to the Hong Kong Disney park, but I didn’t let that stop me from grabbing a souvenir from the airport Disney store! The cookie jar was also a gift. But alas, gluten free means no cookies.

I’m too fond of my purple toaster to let gluten freedom force me to put it away, even if it doesn’t match the color scheme. I keep a bottle of olive oil by the stove for convenience, but I also feel like it makes me look like a good cook. Pretty proud of repurposing that mug though – it was too tall to fit into my cabinet, and I needed something to hold all those utensils, so it was a match made in heaven.

I have a couple more ideas for the kitchen, like a recipe/coupon corkboard and something to hang my oven mitts and hypothetical apron. But so far I’m pretty happy with how far I’ve come from brown!

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