I know I seem like quite the home furnishing aficionado, but I must say even I sometimes get lazy.

I mentioned in this post that at one point I was eating my Panda Express off of a flipped-over laundry basket while sitting on the floor. When I first moved into my apartment, I didn’t have a bed and had to sleep on an air mattress for two months until I could afford one.

But sometimes I find solutions to my furniture shortcomings that actually fill the void quite well.

Take, for example, my makeshift recliner.

Easy ways to satisfy your home decor needs in nontraditional ways from Paroxa DesignsBelieve it or not, extremely comfortable and perfect for watching TV or playing video games. All you need is an air mattress and a stepladder.

When I finally got my bed, I was so excited to be able to rest against the headboard and read books before I went to sleep. When you’re on an air mattress on the floor, you have to hold the books over your head which is uncomfortable. But then I realized I didn’t have a nightstand to set my lamp or book on.

So I found this solution.

Easy ways to satisfy your home decor needs in nontraditional ways from Paroxa DesignsAll you need are two boxes of unequal size. Put the smaller one on top of the larger one, and voila: Nightstand. And it’s the perfect height!

However, if you’re looking for some upcycling ideas for your home decor that don’t make you look like you rummaged through the local landfill for furniture, check out this roundup of projects from Debbiedoo’s.

Upcycling is awesome because you get the benefit of a totally personalized piece of decoration/furniture, and you’re reusing something that would otherwise have been discarded.

Happy decorating!

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